The unremarkable index page of Jim, KD1YV

Amateur Radio Station KD1YV

Here are a number of pages linking photos.
Celebrating Jo's Birthday in Fabulous Las Vegas! (fountain video added)

Outer Banks reunion - final photos uploaded

David's 2nd Birthday!

Fall is Here - October and a nip is in the air

David visits Field Day 2008

An early summer Thunderstorm

Spring has arrived.  Let's get outdoors!

David's First Birthday !!! What a Blast !!!

David in winter 2008

Mom's 90th Birthday Celebration

Fall 2007 is arriving

Here is a video of David!

Sorry it is a couple of weeks old.
Note that this is a large file, about 2.2 MB. This will take several minutes on a dial-up connection.
Use a broadband connection if you have one available.
Hokey Pokey (Hope this works in Windows media player)

Here are a couple of quick snaps.
I'm absorbing some culture through my G-I tract. OK, this is probably more nutritous. I can't see you so you can't see me!
PEEK ! One Two

Our Visit to the Binghamton (NY) Air Show
David's First Solid Food Experience
No Field Day is complete without a baby
Great Grandma and Great Aunt Peg visit David on Memorial Day Weekend
Quite a few pictures of David's very early life
Ok, this page is just silly
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When All Else Fails

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