David's 2nd Birthday

It's truly amazing that 2 years have passed since this beautiful child was born!

Michelle and Chris arranged for David's birthday party to be

held at the Golden Age of Trucking Museum in nearby Middlebury, Connecticut.

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It's My Birthday ! Jus' Truckin' I'm Coming Down !
Don't Worry, We're Keeping It Clean Well, my Nap Time is Just About Over I'm not leaving.  Who said I was leaving?
Here's my Aunt Jax and Cory Some grownups came to my party There's my Mom and Nana
Even play gas prices kill me I can't spell David without a 'V' Well, that's funny !
And This Is My Birthday Cake Lessee, twenty three guests divided by Pi ... The Cake
Thanks for holding my cake, Daddy Time to catch our  breath Now this is an Amusing Moment
Some of the friends and family at my party If I can get everyone to just look away ... ... I can hatch my plan
I am getting away with it The Exit Door is near, but Grampa caught me with his camera.  Drat!
Here are some more of my peeps
How'd he get way up there? Aunt Jax is protecting my balloon Aunt Jax and I share a laugh

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