Mom's 90th Birthday!

On December 11th, 2007, Martha Ritterbusch turned 90 years young!
Peg congreated the family the family at her lovely home in Charlotte to celebrate with Mom.
We put together a scrapbook with pictures celebrating Mom's wonderful life.

Click on the thumbnails or the links to view the larger pictures!

The scrapbook party Mitch and Kate scrap away Jim, [Jacquie's back] and Peg
Peg and Jacquie The whole gang (except me, who was taking the picture). The labor of love
Jax hugs Grandma The gifts begin with an anthology of David Grandma is amused by the Senior Moments book
Walter Matthau will be a diversion The masterpiece is presented We made Mom cry
Reviewing the past We share a mirthful moment

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