OBX Reunion

As summer 2009 passed and fall began, we spent a glorious week in 

South Nags Head 

on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Here are the first round of pictures that I can post.  More will follow as
soon as I have time to edit them.

Click on the thumbnails or the links to view the larger pictures.

The whole gang, including the headless photographer WHY AREN'T YOU KIDS OUT ON THE BEACH??? Wild horses seen at Corolla
The foal on the left is 7 weeks old Jo and Jim with wild horses in the background We were not allowed within 50 feet of the horses
Horses like to visit the park, too Corey is much bigger than the horses Jim is even bigger still
Apparently this horse can't read Lighthouse. Corey at the bottom center. And he's very tall Lovely footbridge from the pond to Currituck Sound
Jacquie and Corey by the footbridge This picture rings a bell Looking out into the sound
Pretty view of the footbridge Across the pond, toward the lighthouse

Final batch of vacation photos
Some wild horses at Correll, NC Jacqie, Corey and Jo showcase the wild horses Jim, Jacquie and Corey try to recreate the scene
Hungry little devils, aren't they Eating, eating, always with the eating "Hey, I can take a break from eating, can't you?"
Corey, Jacquie and some horses' ass Jo obeys the 50 feet rule It's a Jeep thing
Despite Jo's Jeep driving, we arrive safely Lighthouse is trying to camo itself with foliage Docking for more than 24 hours prohibited
Early morning sunrise peeks through off our back deck Ol' Sol is really starting to shine now Photog keeps his head this time
The sun is setting over Currituck sound The sun isn't going down, the horizon is going up Some interesting coloration from the sunset
We arrive at the Wright Brothers Museum and Flight Room Full-sized replica of the Wright Flyer Sewing machine used by Wilbur Wright on the first glider
Engine in the replica flyer Broken crankcase from the original Wright engine Launch location of the First Successful Flight of an Airplane
Marker of the End of the First Flight There's gotta be a clown in every group Corey and Jacquie at the 2nd Flight Marker
Jim and Jo at the marker of the longest flight that first day Memorial at site of glider flight a few days before Base of the memorial
From the memorial, looking out to the Atlantic Ocean With paper airplane, she is her father's daughter Jim and Jo at the memorial
Corey and Jacquie with Wilbur Jacquie prepares to lauch her glider from this historic spot

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