Viva Las Vegas

Celebrating Jo's 39th Birthday in Fine Style, 

Jo and Jim visited Fabulous Las Vegas

We spent 5 glorious days in some beautiful digs,
and saw a couple of first rate Vegas shows.

As promised, here is the video of the Dancing Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel!


Click on the thumbnails or the links to view the larger pictures.

Some beautiful chandeliers in our hotel
Jo on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip
The Encore Hotel where we stayed, and it's sister, the Wynn
Gondoliers ply the canals inside The Venetian Hotel
Looking at the inside of The Venetian while taking a gondola ride
Looking out the front of The Venetian, across to The Mirage, with mountains in the background
Puppetier with his live puppet in St. Mark's Square
Troubadours play and sing at St. Mark's
Down the strip, from a crosswalk over the road
Dolphins perform inside The Mirage
A white lion paces in the Secret Garden in The Mirage
And a leopard
And a white tiger (Sigfried and Roy's cat?)
White tiger cubs, 6 months old, already 90 pounds
Butterfly tile mosaic in the floor between our hotels
And butterflies on the ceiling, too
Jim pals with Julia at Madam Tussaud's
And Jo mocks The Governator
Paul Newman is still around
And Jessica is not flashing anything
Jo hangs with Bono
And Jim chats up Marilyn
Bette Midler is still a headliner
Jo lands on the moon without an oxygen tank!
Jus' chillin' with Barack
Elvis signs an autograph for Jo
Who do we run into but George Slater, N1GS
Jo tracked down a Ghirardelli Ice Cream parlor
Where Jim attacks a sundae
A waterfall inside the hotel
Jo showcases  Lighted Trees Hoover Dam Generators The inside of the Dam Wall
Peering down a Ventillation Shaft to the Dam face
A 150 foot Drop down
The Vents at the end of the shaft
Out of the vent, the Colorado River. Generator plans, AZ on left, NV on right
New bridge being built to alleviate traffic over the Hoover Dam
Jim holds the vent shaft open
Crack in the wall of the maintenance tunnel
Our first view of The Grand Canyon Eagle Point - you can "see" an eagle with outstrethed wings
Jo at the edge of The Grand Canyon, SkyWalk in the background
Hulapai tribe members doing a traditional dance Jim Masters The Grand Canyon
At Guano Point, a Big Pile O' Rocks A Tram previously used to carry guano from the opposite canyon wall
The guano cave is the vertical crack on the right side of the shadow
"Who wants to eat here?"
Las Vegas version of The Eiffel Tower
The Paris Hotel's balloon
Outside The Bellagio A lucky horse in the Bellagio lobby
Asian Gardens in the Bellagio were beautiful
A tiger oversees the gardens
Lantern Tree in the Asian Garden
Pandas hang on the bamboo
Panda at play
On the flight back, Jo's seat rebooted -- into Linux

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