Binghamton Air Show, NY
Jacquie, Kathy and Jim meet at the 2007 Binghamton Air Show

It was very impressive, even in the summer heat

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Marine Helicopter - BIG! Skydivers start the show The view from inside the helo
On the flight line Relaxin' on the flight line Inside a troop transport plane
Jacquie takes the controls Wingwalking by Bob Essel and Jenny Forsythe The only father/daughter wingwalking team
Bob flies the ultralight while Jenny stands on top An ultralight is a kite with an outboard motor attached Jacquie is taking this as a personal challenge
Wrapping up the wingwalk Kicking back, enjoying the show A USAF F15c takes to the skies
The F15C upside down as well as right side up And the eagle flies with the dove The US JET aerobatic team start their maneuvers
US JET make a coordinated pass US JET on a near-miss (intentional!) US JET team streak skyward
One of the US JET birds back on the ground Black Daggers falling from the sky Black Daggers near ground
Bill Leff flies an old trainer And Bill takes it in a big arc The U.S. Army Golden Knights hit the silks
And the Golden knights show a smokey trail

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