Memorial Day Weekend 2007 with the Family
Great Grandma Peg Ritterbusch and Great Aunt Peggy Ritterbusch
came up from Charlotte, NC to see baby David James.
We all had a lovely visit.

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Chris, Great Grandma and David 01 Chris, Great Grandma, David, Jax and Peggy 01 Chris, Great Grandma, David and Mitch 01
Chris, Peggy, Great Grandma, David and Mitch At the diner with the Family01 Four Generations together
Great Grandma and David 01.jpg Great Grandma, Jax, David, Mitch and Peggy 01 Great Grandma, Jax, David and Peg
Great Grandma, Peggy at golf Chris, Peggy and Kathy at Jim Barbarie's Restaurant Jax and David 02
Jax, Great Grandma, David and Mitch 01 Great Grandma and Mitch at Jim Barbarie's Restaurant Jax, Great Grandma and Peggy 01
Jax, Peggy, Great Grandma at Golf Jax and David 01 Great Grandma, Jax and David 01
Peggy, Jax, Great Grandma, Mitch, Chris and David

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